Pamela & the Mickey plushie.

Let’s talk about my favourite brotp in this movie. (Because Ralph and Pamela are my OTP so yeah.)

I think not enough people realise that she took Mickey home with her. It’s very important that you all realise that the only reason why she took Mickey with her to bed is because she needed to be comforted desperately. (It says so in the script) It’s not because he’s Mickey. It could easily have been another stuffed animal. She needed to be comforted because she was in a state of panic the entire time during the sixties part of the movie. Kelly Marcel (the screenwriter) said that in an on set interview.

I just think it’s so sad because it emphasizes how alone she is. How she has no one to hug, or a shoulder to cry on. So she desperately holds on to that Micky plushie. And that’s something I recognize. Because I have the same thing with my Mary plushie.

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Took another swing at my peepers series of times past. 
I’m watching Man On the Moon right now so it’s really hard to write about this post. 

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